Artistic Animated Movies That Will Inspire You—Let me Watch This

Animated movies are those that would remain dear to our hearts. Everyone experienced watching animated movies especially during their childhood, thus, it is inevitable to have a favorite one. Perhaps, it could even be a difficult task to categorize which is our top favorite. That is how well animated movies can stick in the hearts and the minds of many of its watchers that even though this is the usual types of movies for kids, adults appreciate it as well.These are some of the amazing and artistic animated films that artists should definitely watch in online sites like letmewatchthis! Learn more about letmewatchthis on letmewatchthis.

Creative Animated Films

  • Spirited Away

Spirited Away is the story of a young girl who went through a topsy-turvy journey in the spirit world to get her parents and her normal life back. It only started a mere car ride as they are moving and then they decided to explore a cave, leading them to such situation. Written by Hayao Miyazaki, this charming film warmed the hearts of many as the audience and critics were very satisfied with the outcome. The artistry of the film is breath-taking…artists could notice certain scenes that can be categorized as iconic. Take the time to fully bask in the story in order to fully appreciate the whole artistry.

  • Song Of The Sea

This is the heart-warming (and heart-breaking!) story of a cute little girl who is born mute is actually a half-human/half-god. Her brother is uneasy with her, thinking that it is her fault that their loving mother presumably passed away. Through a suspenseful and exciting journey, they both had to get back to the place where she was born—the sea. The Song of the Sea is written, co-produced, and directed by Tom Moore. The wonderful story line, pleasant music, and the remarkable work of art displayed in the movie truly pump us up! Take note that this film is hand-drawn… isn’t that impressive.